i3 Cares

About i3 Cares

i3 Cares serves as a vehicle for our i3 family and friends to reach out to and to serve our local and global community.

The i3 Cares Foundation board is comprised of and governed by i3 employees. The board receives requests and ideas from other i3 employees worldwide via i3cares@i3-corps.com. Using the i3 Cares Mission and Creed, the board then assesses, votes, and provides support to people and organizations in need.

If you’re interested in getting involved, if you have any questions, please contact our board at i3cares@i3-corps.com

The i3 Cares Creed

i3 believes that our business is fully integrated with the people that we serve and, as such, i3 stands ready to open handedly supply the needs of these people in both the local and global communities in the areas of education, community development, and quality of life improvement.